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Increase Natural Links and Sales Conversion Simultaneously

Implementing specific changes to your web site will enhance its creditability. This will increase your sales conversion rate and attract more natural links. Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility was published by Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab. They list 10 guidelines with accompanying research.

China Repression Cartoon: Google, Yahoo & MSN

UPDATED: 1/12/10 Google has announced they may shut down all China operations. See update below cartoon. Left-wing political cartoonist Mark Fiore released an animation iRepress regarding the three major search engines and their relationship with China. He makes some stark comparisons to big business and repression in recent history. Make sure your sound is on. […]

How Much is a Link Worth?

The value of a link is a highly subjective assessment due to the large number of variables involved. One aspect to the power of a link is the site’s backlinks. The first tool I run on a site to help determine the value is Link Harvester created by Aaron Wall of SEO Book. It gives […]

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