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Farewell Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl)

Todd Malicoat (aka Stuntdubl), a fellow manager at WeBuildPages.com is leaving the company. It has been great working with him and he will be missed. Todd is a great person both professionally and personally. He is one of the few Internet Marketers I would personally recommend to a family member or close friend. I think […]

Content to Attract High-Quality Links

This is part of an article I posted at SearchEngineWatch.com on content to attract high-quality links. We have been hearing a lot about adding content to your site to increase the number of natural links as a long-term link building strategy. I believe there is a misunderstanding about the type of content that attracts links. […]

Speed of Getting New Links – NASCAR

Debra Mastaler, of Alliance-Link, talks about the speed at which you acquire new links and staying under the search engine’s radar. This quote sums it up if you are going after long-term results for your website. “Success usually doesn’t happen overnight in business, linking is no different. Slow and steady wins out in this scenario […]

Viral Marketing Ideas for Links & Traffic

Wilsonweb defines viral marketing as “any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others.” The benefits of this type of marketing are enormous. Your site gains traffic, publicity and natural backlinks.

Search Engine Marketing Seminar in San Francisco

Want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click? There will be a search engine marketing seminar and workshop in San Francisco on 3/30-3/31/06 by HighRankings.com. You will have the chance to learn from some of the leading consultants in the business. Many of the speakers spoke at Search Engine Strategies (SES) […]

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