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New Feed/RSS Tool to Save Space

Thomas from TopRankResults and TwisterMc is at it again creating a great tool to simplify RSS feeds. This time he is beta testing a tool that takes all your feed buttons and combined them into one. It also includes a social bookmarking service built in. This is sure to save a lot of valuable real […]

Tip: Gain More Top 10 Real Estate on Google

Want to gain more real estate on the top 10 results from Google? Patrick Gavin tells you how in his post Indented Second Google Listing – Double Your Ranking Real Estate This can also be used to increase your conversion rate. If your homepage shows up as the first listing, then users have to search […]

Dan Thies on Link Building, Indexing and Big Daddy Update

There has been a lot of discussion on the Big Daddy update, pages being indexed and link building lately. Dan Thies states Big Daddy involves “Google’s new methods of deciding which pages they will crawl and index”.

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