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Content Marketing Strategies – Junta42.com

For those who use content for marketing, public relations and link development check out Junta42. It is a new social site focused on content marketing. I discovered it after reading their blog post called Content Marketing Strategy Trumps a Search Marketing Strategy. Definitely recommend subscribing to their blog. Found via Small Business Brief

What is a Link Worth?

In a two part column at Search Engine Watch I discuss the value of links and simply strategies to help determine their worth. Astoundingly, the answer is rather simple when you step back. Ask yourself what are top rankings worth to your company? How much more revenue would your company take in if you were […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Works: WOMM Survey

eMarketer.com published a study that more than three-quarters of people trust consumer recommendations over any other type of ad. The question remains how are you incorporating that into your link building and internet marketing strategies? Notice consumer opinions posted online are trusted 61% of the time. Yet only 34% trust search engine ads. Is your […]

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