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China Repression Cartoon: Google, Yahoo & MSN

UPDATED: 1/12/10 Google has announced they may shut down all China operations. See update below cartoon. Left-wing political cartoonist Mark Fiore released an animation iRepress regarding the three major search engines and their relationship with China. He makes some stark comparisons to big business and repression in recent history. Make sure your sound is on. […]

Weekly Reads on Link Building

Once a week I am going to list good articles, post or comments on link building. I am hoping next week I will have more time to summarize and give my thoughts. This week the following post speak for themselves. Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch talks about the evolution of how links are counted and valued. […]

Google knows your Linking Network

Rustybrick of Search Engine Roundtable covering Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) at PubCon WebmasterWorld Conference: Matt was using some of his own tools. And let me tell you, it was scary. He was asking questions, why do you have links from this site. It shows that your part of this and that network. Why are you […]

Google uses Ireland Office to Reissue Checks

I was one of the people affect with the errors in Google sending out Adsense checks. Congratulations to Google who responded to upset publishers by using their European Headquarters office in Dublin Ireland to send out new checks. I am not sure if everyone was issues new checks from there or if they divided up […]

Google Update Advice

Google is updating again. What should we do? You could read the 74 page thread on Webmasterworld or one of the other forums. I suggest you wait until things settled down and let the industry experts do some analysis. Natasha Robinson from Threadwatch offers the best advice: “The time that it would take to read […]

Google’s Testing New Dictionary Feature

In the past year I have come to depend more and more on Google as a spell checker. Yesterday I was looking up the phone number to a cafe with Google and a new dictionary feature appeared Google is testing. In additional to the standard feature of “Did you mean”, Google hyperlinked the word in […]

Buying Text Links and Advertising

There has been a lot of discussion the past few weeks on Buying Text Links. Even Matt Cutts, Google Engineer, made a posting on his blog regarding this subject. Pay close attention to the follow-up comments people made. Matt basically says not to buy links / advertising to increase your rankings. He also talks about […]

Two Articles on Banning and Spamming Search Engines

Two great articles on the same day about spamming search engines and bannings. JasonD, a Threadwatch members, post a well written article about a publicly traded company operating outside of the Google Guidelines for webmasters and spamming the Search Engines. He makes a great statement which seems like common sense. Yet, how often do you […]

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