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Importance of Links in 2012 from Senior Google Engineer

Senior Google Engineer Matt Cutts discusses links versus social signals. According to Matt links are still extremely important, and are not going away anytime soon. Discussion around the Web: From Search Engine Roundtable My take away was that Matt Cutts says links are still, for the foreseeable future, going to be a more powerful signal […]

Strategies to Market Your Content for Links

Check out my latest column at SearchEngineWatch.com on Strategies to Market Your Content for Link Building. It’s all about getting your content top rankings so it starts to acquire links naturally. Spend time getting published on other sites related to your industry. Instead of having the link point to your homepage, or product page, have […]

How to Create Ethical Linkbait from Public Information

Read my latest column at SearchEngineWatch.com about using public information and data to create an ethical linkbait campaign. The main topics are public domain material and aggregation of public information. With the abundance of governments offering data this is a great approach. Here are some government sources for the US and Europe: data.gov, data.gov.uk and […]

Interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine (Print)

I was interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine about custom link development for small businesses. It will be in the December print issue.

Link Building Experts Interviewed

Rae Hoffman has put together a group interview of 11 ink building experts. Each person submitted a question they wanted the others to answer. The twist is no one saw each other’s answers until it was published. Participates include Debra Mastaler, Aaron Wall, Eric Ward, Todd Malicoat, Roger Montti, Jim Boykin, Michael Gray, Rae Hoffman, […]

Creating a Custom Link Building Campaign

Learn some of the steps to creating a successful custom link building campaign for your company. In my latest piece at SearchEngineWatch.com I explore the topics of evaluating resources, the idea and a plan of action.

How to Build Links, Increase Traffic and Exposure

Looking for a method to build links while generating exposure and traffic? Learn the streamlined process to get your content published on other Web sites. • Unless you’re a passionate writer with a lot of free time, hire a professional writer. • An editor is also essential if you want to get published on high-quality […]

Nominated for the SEMMY Awards 2010

I’m honored to have one of my Search Engine Watch columns nominated for the SEMMY Awards! Link Building With a Small Budget was nominated. I’d recommend everyone bookmark SEMMY to read an article or two each week. You’ll learn a lot. These are the top articles from the past year on everything from organic search […]

Link Building Strategy – Start a Staff Volunteer Program

Think of the headline in your regional online newspaper, “Local Company gives Free Computer Classes to Disadvantaged Youth.” Public relations strategies are an effective way to build links and publicity. Serious About Links? Think like a politician when deciding what type of volunteer work to do. Study the people who could bring the most attention […]

Rethinking your Link Marketing Strategies

Explore ways to improve your link development strategies. Something as simple as changing your perspective could give you the advantage to beat your competition. Learn more about this in my latest column at Search Engine Watch Rethinking your Link Marketing Strategies.

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