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Search Engine Marketing Training – Dallas

Jill Whalen’s Search Engine Marketing Seminar will be in Dallas October 19th and 20th for a 2 day seminar and workshop. I highly recommend this to anyone in the area. You will learn proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and strategies from some of the top experts in the field.

Mike Grehan on Textbook SEO

I found this via SEO Book and Sean Stahlman. Normally I do not repost news, but this article by Mike Grehan is on point. He talk about textbook SEO. My company’s one of the largest in the industry, if not the largest. If we continue to implement systems and processes that have been predefined as […]

Search Engine Marketing Seminar in San Francisco

Want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click? There will be a search engine marketing seminar and workshop in San Francisco on 3/30-3/31/06 by HighRankings.com. You will have the chance to learn from some of the leading consultants in the business. Many of the speakers spoke at Search Engine Strategies (SES) […]

Increase Natural Links and Sales Conversion Simultaneously

Implementing specific changes to your web site will enhance its creditability. This will increase your sales conversion rate and attract more natural links. Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility was published by Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab. They list 10 guidelines with accompanying research.

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005

Useit.com just released the Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005. Here are the Top 4 Mistakes… 1. Readability Problems: Wrong font, it was too small or it blends into the background. Hopefully you are not doing all 3! 2. No Standard Linking Practice: Make your links obvious by using a different colors or underlined […]

Choosing a Domain Name

Using keyword-keyword for a domain name may help you rank a little higher at the moment. It is one of many “smallâ€? factors that can help you with your rankings. Yet, I would not choose a domain name solely for that reason. I suggest people pick a domain name they can build a “Brand Nameâ€? […]

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