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Choosing a Domain Name

Using keyword-keyword for a domain name may help you rank a little higher at the moment. It is one of many “smallâ€? factors that can help you with your rankings. Yet, I would not choose a domain name solely for that reason. I suggest people pick a domain name they can build a “Brand Nameâ€? […]

Buying Text Links and Advertising

There has been a lot of discussion the past few weeks on Buying Text Links. Even Matt Cutts, Google Engineer, made a posting on his blog regarding this subject. Pay close attention to the follow-up comments people made. Matt basically says not to buy links / advertising to increase your rankings. He also talks about […]

Two Articles on Banning and Spamming Search Engines

Two great articles on the same day about spamming search engines and bannings. JasonD, a Threadwatch members, post a well written article about a publicly traded company operating outside of the Google Guidelines for webmasters and spamming the Search Engines. He makes a great statement which seems like common sense. Yet, how often do you […]

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