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New Feed/RSS Tool to Save Space

Thomas from TopRankResults and TwisterMc is at it again creating a great tool to simplify RSS feeds. This time he is beta testing a tool that takes all your feed buttons and combined them into one. It also includes a social bookmarking service built in. This is sure to save a lot of valuable real […]

How Much is a Link Worth?

The value of a link is a highly subjective assessment due to the large number of variables involved. One aspect to the power of a link is the site’s backlinks. The first tool I run on a site to help determine the value is Link Harvester created by Aaron Wall of SEO Book. It gives […]

Linking Guide

Good article for anyone just getting started on Link Building published on WebProNews.com. This well thought out article by John Krycek, of MouseWorks, covers the Linking Strategies: Dos and Don’ts. The part about keyword variation cannot be stressed enough. Think organic. Think natural. Step 2- Create variations on those keywords. Think of phrases that someone […]

NoFollow Attribute made Visible

Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer and part of their quality control team, gave a useful tip on modifying Firefox to make the “NoFollowâ€? attribute visible. There is controversy regarding the “NoFollowâ€? feature. At the same time it is being used by webmasters and bloggers. With any feature there are those who are going to abuse […]

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