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Link Building Idea: Become the Expert with a Collection of Interviews

Posted on | October 31, 2006 | Comments Off on Link Building Idea: Become the Expert with a Collection of Interviews

Everyone needs high-quality content. Every wants more quality links. Combine the two and it is a win-win.

The goal is to create a large collection of interviews making your site one of the best sources of information on the web for your industry. Interview the leading experts (plus up-and-coming gurus) in your field.

The first few interviews will be the hardest to get. If your company is a highly respected brand it will be easier to get started. Once two or three interviews are published it will be easier to convince people to be interviewed. Play upon people’s need to be a part of a group. Most welcome the chance to be included in the popular circle. Soon enough you might even have people requesting to be interviewed.

Interview Tips:

– Do keyword research. Ask the questions that people are searching for answer to.
– Ask questions in the interview that will attract college professors and staff doing research. Remember the goal is to get links from quality sites.
– Ask questions that will entice journalist to reference the interview.

Promotional Tips:
– Ask the interviewee to send out an email to colleagues about their recent interview.
– Ask the interviewee to link to the interview on their website.
– Send out emails to your colleagues and business associates.
– Get bloggers with influence to post about it.
– Set-up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.
– Sponsor email newsletters.

The end result is your company ends up with some high-quality original content that will attract quality links.


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