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Google says Paid Links OK, but they may Punish You

Posted on | March 2, 2007 | Comments Off on Google says Paid Links OK, but they may Punish You

Andy Beal reports that Adam Lasnik, from Google, told an audience that Google is “perfectly fine with people buying and selling links”. Then later in the article “Punishments for buying and selling links vary, according to Lasnik…” Hmmm….

The most interesting part is something a lot of us have been saying for years…

“Lasnik explained how difficult it would be for Google to identify a web site selling the odd link, or a blogger adding a contextual link, in exchange for payment. What Google looks for are patterns that suggest money is being exchanged for links. A casino site buying a link from a blog about gardening, would raise a red flag, said Lasnik. As would an influx of links in a single day.”

This next part goes to people who buy links from link networks or seo networks…

“Sellers that offer lots of links for sale, could find their outbound links filtered on a page level, or site-wide. “

Does your link profile look natural?
Are your paid links helping?
Are they part of a network and being filtered out?

Remember at the core Google is a data mining and analysis company. They are very good at finding and detecting patterns. View this funny cartoon about Google finding SEO Networks from 2005.

Read the rest of the article on Paid Links & Google


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