Costa Rica Travel Guide

Living & Traveling in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a great country to start your adventure of living and traveling abroad. They allow citizens of many countries, including the U.S. and Canada, to stay for 90 days on a tourist visa. Whether you’re into beaches, mountains, adventure sports, or simple country living there is something for everyone.

Costa Ricans are very welcoming to foreigners, especially people from North America and Europe. Even for those that don’t speak any Spanish. Some Spanish is highly recommended depending on the areas of the country.

Many Costa Ricans refer to themselves as “Ticos”. It is best to really know a person before referring to them as a “Tico” since some do not like the term. Culturally they avoid conflicts or embarrassing others in public. For that reason one may never know when you offend someone.

Most will laugh when you call yourself a “Gringo”.

Country Information
Costa Rica is an extremely diverse country in terms climate, terrain, animals and plants. One can enjoy the central valley that maintains temperatures between 70s and 80s degrees Fahrenheit year around to the humid coast in the 90s. Or head up the slopes of the mountains for colder temperatures.

Quick Facts:
-Over 25% of the countries land is devoted for conservation.
-Democratic and peaceful country. Army dissolved in 1948.
-Over 4 million people
-Literacy rate 94.9%

Country Background:
Costa Rica is located in Central America between Panama and Nicaragua. The official language is Spanish. The second major language is English, then French.

Places to Visit
- Manuel Antonio
-Playas del Coco

Where to Stay
Listing of Costa Rica vacation rental sites including local newspaper classifieds.

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