Gay Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – Beach, Resorts, Hotels, Clubs

Manuel is known as a destination for gay and lesbian travelers from around the world. It is most popular with people from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America. A new interested from gays in the Middle East should give a boost to the tourism and diversity of Manuel.

While most Costa Ricans are not openly gay to their families the country is very tolerant and accepting of gay people. This is especially true in Manuel Antonio since so many depend on tourism for their livelihood. Overall Costa Rica is considered the most accepting and safest country for gay travelers for Latin American. It is important to understand the culture of CR. They will not embarasse you in public. That does not mean you are not being talked about behind your back.

Gay Beach – La Playita
Gay couples and singles can be seen throughout the beaches of Manuel Antonio. The main gay beach is La Playita (also know as Playa Dulce Vida). This semi-private beach is accessible by climbing over large rocks north of Playa Espadilla (public beach outside National Park). There is usually a local vendor that sell drinks and food on the beach most days. Be careful not to get trapped there during high-tide. Many have been injured attempting to cross during high-tide. See tide chart below.

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort has direct beach access to La Playita. It’s a luxury family hotel. Guests who aren’t gay friendly are in for a shock!

Clothing is Required some use to enjoying going nude at La Playita since it is private and separated from the main tourist beaches by large rocks. Going nude is illegal in Costa Rica and with the opening of Hotel Arenas del Mar it is being enforced. Security at the hotel will call the police immediately.

Gay Bars & Clubs
The bar and club scene is constantly changing in Costa Rica. The new gay bar that everyone goes to is called Liquid Lounge. It’s the most popular gay bar in town. Tutu closed their original location, then they reopened it at a different location (at the very end of Manuel Antonio – just before Quepos).The majority of bars, clubs and restaurants are very gay friendly. Thanks to the Bali House for update!

Gay Vacation Rentals
Manuel Antonio has many vacation rentals that cater to gays and lesbians.  The majority are very gay friendly. Consider a private villa for those romantic trips and honeymoons. Review our section on Manuel Antonio vacation rentals for more details.

Gay & Lesbian Hotels
Most hotels and resorts in Manuel Antonio are very gay friendly. Properties below cater mainly to the gay and lesbian clientele.

Arenas Del Mar Beach Resort has direct access to the private gay beach. $150-$700

Hotel Casa Blanca 506.2777.0253 $50-$180

Villa La Roca 506.2777.1349 $50-$170

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