Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals – Condos, Villas, Houses

Manuel offers a host of options for vacation rentals from luxury villas with
private beach access to basic condo rentals. Many hotels and resorts also have
suites or apartments available for weekly and monthly rentals. There are also
a few small apartment buildings that focus on gringos and expats.

Be careful with where you book and the people you deal with. There are some
foreign developers that are less than ethical. When dealing with a rental agent,
developer or private condo owner contact other businesses in the area to find
out their reputation and the property’s reputation. Expats are normally the
most honest and forthright! You can find them on newsgroups, forums and review
sites such as TripAdvisor. Don’t be afraid to post a question at TripAdvisor
before making a payment or deposit.

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Anamars Beach House

Classifieds Costa Rica – Search the temporary housing, vacation and apartment rental section. Some landlords rent out funrinshed places by the week or month. Also, good for last minute deals.

Monthly Apartments & Condos
Consider renting a fully-furnished apartment, condo or house in Manuel Antonio for your vacation. Resources on finding Costa Rica vacation rentals, last minute travel and luxury beach house rentals in other areas.

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